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Baby Number 3

Dear Crosby,

You are six months old. How did time go so fast, yet so slow at the same time? Why does it feel like I’ve had you forever, but I just got you? You are a light in this world. Your smile brightens a room. Seriously, you have a resting mad face and when you smile its like a little angel brightening your day. You also have the most incredible little giggle. I feel like I just love to poke you so you squeal. You get stuck on your belly a lot and you don’t like that, but soon enough you will be rolling all over the place. Your brother and sister love you to the moon. Anytime you cry they are right there to help you or make you smile. You sleep pretty well for a 6 month old, waking up at 4 most nights. Which is what started my 4am wake up writing sessions. Thank you for that. A lot has come from my peaceful morning time. You don’t like to sleep anywhere but in your bed so some days you stay up all day. That’s hard and tiring. But by the end of the day you are still smiling some days and other days screaming. But we just go with it. I feel guilty a lot. I can’t give you every bit of my attention. I can’t sit and watch you and talk to you and show you toys like I did with the others. I don’t always pay attention to you while you are eating. Baths are few and far between. But I keep telling myself I am a great mom even though some days I don’t feel like that’s true.

Most importantly, I love you. More than you will ever comprehend. I love every part of you and I always will. I want to keep you this age but I know before I know it you will be one and then graduating preschool and beyond. Time does go fast. But I’m so grateful you are here to share your light with us. Keep smiling my silly sausage.

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