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Story of My LIfe

Left the clothes on the line for a few days.

Story of my life. Story of my life....... what does that even mean? I think it's a funny saying. I say it when I feel like this stuff happens, life is messy, it never stops, and that's just life. But part of me says it thinking yep I did it again, I left the laundry on the line for a few days and that is my life, I am forgetful. I said it yesterday in my instastories, my phone had no space on it again, it's been like that for weeks and I just keep trying to get more space and it's not working and it's stressful, yep I take too many pictures and hoard them hating to clean off my phone. That is my life. I used to say it when one of my kids had a blowout and got poop all over their bedroom, or my toddler is screaming in the middle of aisle 5 at the grocery store. And I used to say it when every time at the bar the creepy guy would start talking to me and I wouldn't know how to get out of the conversation. Or my car ran out of gas. Or I forgot the one thing I needed to grab from home before a long day at school. Or when something ridiculous and crazy happened to me, it really felt like only me.... So does story of my life mean I am settling with these things, sort of thinking well this happens to me all the time and that's ok? I think it used to have more of a negative meaning to it. Like I do dumb things, bad or weird stuff only happens to me, this is my life. And it felt like only me. I'm alone in the mess. But after reflecting on it, wondering why is that my silly go to saying, I've realized YES I forget stuff, I scramble often, I'm a mess, bad stuff happens to me, I end up in awkward situations a lot, that is apart of my life. But I am not alone. I know I'm not alone. Somewhere out there is a person who has dealt with something similar to me, maybe they feel alone. But we are not alone! I used to accept everything that happened to me. Just say it happens. And not really feel or deal with the issue. Just move on and keep going. Just say to myself it's just another thing on my list of ridiculousness. What's next.... Now, I don't wonder what bad thing is looming, that stops you from feeling the joy around you. I also don't settle, yes it happens, and I feel ________ about it. And this is what I am going to try and do so that it doesn't happen again. Inevitably bad things will happen again. But I have noticed so much growth in me, from each situation. Not just the silly ones but all of them. I wouldn't be who I am without the mess. So I have to continue to embrace it, and not settle. I feel like story of my life is funny. But I also know I'm not alone. It's not just me. There is a solution. I just have to keep finding what works for me in the story of my life. Keep looking for light. And keep growing, never just trying to get through it but actually living it.

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