About Me

Hello and welcome to Mama Daring Greatly.


I’m Carrie Usmar. I married a brit and we live with our 4 kids in an old cape in Rhode Island. I’m a quiet introvert, that loves acting silly and crazy with people that know me. 

I am an artist. I love the process of creating something new. I spend a lot of my time with my camera, usually between the hours of 5am and 8am when no one is around. 


I've been home educating for four years. I am always learning  and relearning what works for our family. Its been a fun experience filled with highs and lows and I’m grateful for the time with them.

I am also a writer. Never did I think I would say those words. I’ve been a nanny, a mommy, a photographer, a barista, a donut maker, but writer was not on the list. Over time I have realized how much it helps me process, and grow. How much it helps others feel less alone.

I continue to be brave and share. Not every day is easy. I have depression, and ptsd. And over the years I let it wear me down till I was unrecognizable. I share my journey of rising up from the darkness and finding the light.

Thank you for being here.